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Choosing your wheelchair wedding dress

By Stef Green

A row of wedding dresses in a shop.

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For most ladies, after choosing the perfect wedding venue, the next step is to find that dream dress. If you’re getting married in a wheelchair, choosing a dress can seem daunting. The dresses in the bridal shops aren’t made with people in wheelchairs in mind. But you needn’t worry – the perfect dress for you IS out there.

When choosing a wheelchair wedding dress, the most important thing you can do is to look at and try on lots of different dresses. You’ll soon get an idea of what does and doesn’t suit, and what feels comfortable with your chair. You never know – you may find the perfect dress right off the rack. You’ll know it’s your dress the moment you put it on – you’ll look in the mirror and feel like a princess.

One of the best ideas for wheelchair brides is to have a dress custom-made. This way, you can incorporate the different aspects of dresses you’ve tried on into a design that’s 100% unique to you. Teaming up with a talented seamstress can give you a truly unique result – your dressmaker will be full of creative ideas for your wheelchair wedding dress.

Many wheelchair brides prefer a two-piece wedding dress because it’s easier to take on and off. You may also like to invest in some dressing aids – like a bra angel or a compression stocking aid – to make dressing for your wedding stress free.

Don’t forget you can take a simple dress and jazz it up with great shoes, jewellery, accessories, and hairstyle. You could even hang a few ribbons or decorations from your wheelchair. Treat yourself to a little primping and preening at your favourite salon to get your wedding look just right, or DIY at home you’re your favourite beauty tools – like this body care long-handled comb, to keep that hairdo looking fabulous.

Some brides worry that they won’t get that moment of awe on their own wedding because they can’t stand up as they go down the aisle. They worry that a dress won’t look as visually stunning on a wheelchair bride. If you’re experiencing any negative feelings about your wedding, it’s important to remember that you will be surrounded by people who love and support you, and no matter your worries, they all think you’re an amazing, talented and stunning person. Don’t worry – on your wedding day, you will be the centre of attention.

Whatever you do, don’t cave to pressure from salespeople, family or friends to choose a specific dress. Sometimes the people who care about us think their opinions are helpful to us, when actually they just talk us into things we don’t really want. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t like a design – you’re the one who has to feel comfortable in your dress. It’s time to put your foot down and choose what you want, even if it’s not what everyone else thinks is best.

And, lastly, have fun! Choosing a wedding dress can be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process, and this is no different for brides in wheelchairs. Take along a girlfriend or family member whose opinion you trust and have a great time trying on different styles. Remember, you deserve to look and feel fabulous at your wedding!

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  1. Emily Matthews 2 years ago  

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  2. Andrew 2 years ago  

    What a good positive article. The final line says it all
    “Remember, you deserve to look and feel fabulous at your wedding”.

  3. kevin 9 months ago  

    I wonder if you could offer some advice…
    A while back a friend of mine asked me to strip down a wheelchair and respray/decorate for her wedding day. It did look fantastic and she was overjoyed. I have since been considering decorating 1 or 2 more chairs to rent specifically for the wedding/prom market. I basically would love to hear thoughts from yourselves (@ the disabled shop) or wheelchair users reading this article.
    I cannot find anyone else who offers such a service and I would love to offer the opportunity to really complete the wedding for wheelchair users, but do have reservations in that i’m sure many users would want to feel comfortable in their regular chair, with specific aids etc.
    I would really love to hear any thought, whether positive or negative. Tnank you, Kevin.

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