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There are many reasons a person might need a walking stick.  You might feel unstable while walking or standing, or you might be embarking on a serious trek and feel you need the additional support, you might need one briefly while you recover from an injury, or, like many blind people, you might prefer a […]


The majority of us go through life as independent human beings, doing most things for ourselves and paying for those ‘out of the norm of home life’ things, such as getting the car repaired, replacing the roof and even having a haircut. Those born with disabilities will have differences in their lifestyles that have been […]

Post Hip Surgery is Not a Time to be Taken Lying Down!

By Denise Watson It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Your whole bone structure comes together to allow you to do what you do – sit, stretch, walk, run, work, play – and someone comes along and removes one of your hip bones.  We all the know the song ‘your hip bone’s connected to your thigh […]